Here is a list of just some of the very special guests that will be appearing at Bizarre Hauntings! More will be added on a regular basis , so please stop by regularly, or sign up for updates!

Vince Wilson

Vince has been practicing magic since he was 12 and hypnosis since 1993. He is a master mentalist and has even invented several original illusions and reinvented several others. His specialty is “bizarre magic”. Bizarre Magic is story based magic mixed with mentalism and some sideshow demonstrations. During Vince’s performance, you may not hear much applause. You might, however, find yourself in silent awe when he seemingly reads your mind, predicts the future and defies the laws of science! Vince is also a real parapsychologist!


Mysterious, hauntingly original, and completely innovative- these words best describe the Gothic Magic of Vlad. Some magicians create a show, Vlad created a genre of magic. This charmingly dark and slightly twisted style known as Gothic Magic stems from the heart of the classic horror genre. Combining this style with amazing stories, Vlad creates a performance that’s like “watching Stephen King live”. Take a step inside and give into your fears

David Parr

David Parr is an internationally acclaimed magician who has devoted his life to sharing the experience of mystery with audiences around the world. Magic fans will recognize David from his appearance on the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. There, David’s magic was put to the ultimate test in front of the cameras, an audience of millions, and two very savvy Las Vegas magicians. (Spoiler Alert…) David fooled their faces off, and not only took home the coveted Fool Us trophy, but also won a guest spot in their show at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas!

Paul Prater

Prater is an award winning mind reader, performer and entertainer. Paul knows the importance of connecting with his audience, making the entertainment the most important aspect of the show. Paul’s unique blend of storytelling and performance will delight and enchant your audience. Paul has taken part in stage productions and recently finished filming an upcoming movie. He is a published author with six books of his effects on the market. Paul has also contributed writings to many other published works.

Christopher Taylor

Many of the world’s greatest mentalists and magicians have used Christopher’s handiwork to achieve astonishing and impossible feats. Feats that have been featured in dozens of television magic specials filmed in locations from New York to Budapest, Turkey to the Netherlands, Tel Aviv to Tokyo and more. While Christopher is well known as a pioneer in electronic mentalism, he is also a master Storyteller and has lectured on the application of storytelling in magic at the famous Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has lectured and performed thought the UK and continental Europe as well as in Australia and the USA. That includes lectures for Penguin Magic and “At the Table” for Murphys Magic.

Blind Eye Magi

This story starts way back in the early 1980’s when a young man of 13 discovered magic for the first time and he was immediately hooked. He read every book he could get his hands on. He studied the classics, practiced his sleights, worked on his showmanship and developed a love that would last for a lifetime. Over the years he never lost his enthusiasm for magic although his interests have shifted slightly. Today he invites you to into his world to see some of the props, products and routines that he has available for your performance consideration. Many items are handcrafted and hand-aged and are available in limited quantities.

Gemini Artifacts

Gemini Artifacts was founded in 2012 with one goal in mind, to create stunning high quality effects for the distinguished professional or amateur performer. Everything at Gemini Artifacts is hand crafted by our team of professionals, allowing us to offer you unique items at affordable costs.

Mary Tomich

Magic is a manufacturer and seller of accouterments for bizarrists and kindred spirits.  In business for 25 years, the staff at Thaumysta magic scours the nooks and crannies of the world (and its basement warehouse) to bring affordable and interesting props and effects. Mary Tomich is one of the most respected names in Bizarre Magic and has been been a major contributor and prolific writer for many years.

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