Play Dead the Movie with Todd Robbins and Teller

Live at Bizarre Hauntings – Todd Robbins (in person) and Teller (via technology) will be featuring, with LIVE commentary, PLAY DEAD, the Off-Broadway show co-written by Todd Robbins and Teller! This may be your only chance to experience this!

This is part of Weerd Hauntings! A night of tribute to the Weerd Weekends of old! Special guest will be announced soon. This is just a small part of what we have planned!

More coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Play Dead the Movie with Todd Robbins and Teller”

  1. Would it be possible to assist online to this if you cannot attend to the rest of the activities? If so, how can we buy tickets? Thanks

    1. I afraid that due to legal issues with certain content, there would be no way to stream this conference.

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