Bizarre Hauntings 2021 is happening!

We are very excited to move forward with Bizarre Hauntings 2021!

The vaccine is rolling out soon and a whole new world awaits us after this dumpster fire of a year. We were very careful in making this call and now are confident that everything looks great for ’21!

We have many old favorites from previous years and some new faces as well. This list keeps getting longer! Vince Wilson and Vlad will be hosting again, we have David Parr, Paul Prater, Christopher Taylor, Stefano Cavanna, Zeke Powerz, Paul Noffsinger, Dark Artefacts, Cara Hamilton, Rolando Santos, Christopher Thisse, Gemini Artifacts, Mary Tomich and more announcements soon! There are more guest speakers being summoned every day and more events being planned in dark corners of the world!

Tony Andruzzi

We are also working on a new kind of awards show! It is in the early stages, but will be very exciting indeed. We are calling it “The Andruzzi Awards“! These special awards are not like others and will be unique to Bizarre Hauntings. They are a tribute to the great mystery artist Tony Andruzzi! These awards will be for the magick makers. Awarded to those of excellence in writing, performance, and execution. Additionally, there be a trophy, but also some press and media exposure for the winner/winners!

Additionally, we are working on a separate “Excellence in The Mystery Arts” award. More details on that soon!

Of course it wouldn’t be Bizarre Hauntings without Paul Prater’s now infamous Black Cat Lounge! The Lord Baltimore is a Haunted Hotel, but they’ve never seen this many spirits! Paul’s Black Cat Lounge is a unique experience where everyone can socialize with the biggest names in the Mystery Arts!

More will be forthcoming and we will keep you posted!

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