The Georgia Wonder Act: Resurrected with Tiffany Allen

Sunday at 3:00 PM

In the 1880s three teenage women performed a near-mythical, world-wide act called The Georgia Wonder wherein they became more powerful than the men they challenged. The secrets of this performance were thought lost to history and it was not performed again in full… until now.

Dubbed by Vanish Magazine “The New Georgia Wonder”, Tiffany has devoted the last 5 years towards resurrecting this very act. She has rebuilt this legendary performance after years of thorough research; taking every piece of information from interviews with librarians and engineers, firsthand accounts from their “victims”, and autobiographies written by the original performers themselves. With help along the way from other performers, and trial by fire with testing various methods, she is now presenting her findings and for the first time sharing the secrets of the Georgia Wonder Act.

The lecture will go over the workings of the act and how Tiffany has made it more relevant for modern audiences, as well as teach how the act can be adapted to be practical for any performer. There will be a brief history of the original performers best known for the act, and delve into the psychology of why it works.

Members of the audience will also have the chance of becoming one of the participants for a unique chance to be truly amazed by the mysterious power of The New Georgia Wonder.

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