Style and Character

Doozy and Hexx were once circus clowns along side their twin sisters Polka (Doozy’s Twin) and Punka (Hexx’s Twin) but the daily abuse of the ringmaster and belittling of the guests created a great hatred of the world inside them. Soon they began to lash out at guests, verbally abusing them and becoming very hostile. It wasn’t long before guests turned up missing and Doozy and Hexx became center spotlight of the investigation. The two decided to leave their sisters and carnival only to grow darker and angrier with each passing day. They now travel, tormenting all they encounter, finding their only joy in others misery.

Character creators Dineen Zenga (Doozy & Polka) and Silke Langer (Hexx & Punka) have been haunt workers and special FX makeup artists for 13 years and best friends for 9 of those years. They have worked along side each other and grown new and creative methods of bash banter, feeding off one another to display cruel sarcasm and a fun way to threaten the safety of your life all while making you laugh uncomfortably. They have created their characters to not only showcase their own personal flare of freaky but their “unique” charms as well. Both ladies live with mental and physical health issues that they hide in everyday life but let shine in their characters, an art form they have mastered is to play off these “disabilities” and even make them the highlight of their creatures. Sinister Sass will help any and all in developing a character that will be unique, but also one normalizes the day to day struggles of mental/physical health issues. Why let that which you can not control hinder you when it can help!

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