Christopher Taylor’s Storytelling Workshop

Christopher began his performing carrier as a professional storyteller and started to bring magic, and then mentalism, into his stories some three decades ago. Along the way, he has made lots of mistakes and had some notable successes. The latter have been due largely to a study and application of the fundamental principles of TRADITIONAL ORAL STORYTELLING. What’s the difference between the traditional approach and the modern approach to scripting magic? Well, to start, traditional Storytelling DOES NOT rely on memorized written scripts (hey, it predates the written word!). But, that’s just the start.

Learning the old principles and applying them directly to mentalism or magic does not quite work however; you need to learn to transition between the two characters that you will play when adding story to your magic: the old character of the Magi and the even older character of the Teller. This is the crux of Christopher’s workshop.

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