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Thursday is at no cost and is included with any package for the weekend or even single day purchases!

9:00 PM – Gloomy Sunday Parlor Theater with Vlad
Midnight – Seance


2:00 PM – Meet and greet in Main Ballroom
3:00 PM -Vendor Room Opens
4:00 PM –  Performance with TBA
5:00 PM – Break for dinner
7:00 PM – Performances with Paul Prater, Christopher Taylor, Joseph Daniels, and Vlad (open to public)
8:30 PM –  Ghosts with Vlad
10:00 PM – Performance with Paul Noffsinger
11:00 PM – Seance with Vince Wilson


9:00 AM – Vendor Room Opens
10:00 AM – Do Ghosts Return? Click here to register! In this “Workshop” You will experience John Ferrentino séance and then work through our full lecture on how to include levity in your séance.
Noon – 4PM – Workshop with Paul Voodini Click here to register!
– Paul Voodini is a master seance performer! His workshop is a must see for any paranormal performer.
1:00 PM – Vendor room demos – Vince Wilson and more
2:00 PM – Break for lunch
4:00 PM – Workshop with Prof BC
5:00 PM – Break for dinner
7:00 PM – Performances with David Parr, Paul Voodini and Sylvia Sceptre (open to public)
8:30 PM –  Improv theater with Vince Wilson, Paul Prater, Vlad and Paul Noffsinger
10:00 PM – Performers round-up
11:00 PM- Murder Mystery Show with Vince Wilson
Midnight – Ghost stories and paranormal investigation





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