Bizarre Hauntings 2019

Time to get ready for 2020!

What an amazing weekend! Some of the best storytelling magicians in the world were in Baltimore! The magic was real and spectacular! So many astounding memories were made.

Bizarre Hauntings Raffle

The Raffle for all the wonderful prizes will be at 11:00 AM just before Paul Voodini’s wokshop in the theatre! Gemini Artifacts Gyre by Prof. BC $100 Arcane Relics – Ghost Writer $50 HH Holmes – $1,000 Blind-eye Magi Nevermore PSI Flix Vince Wilson Magic Poster Mary Tomich 3 books by Doc Shiels Taylor Imagineering …

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Mary Tomich and Thaumysta Magic

Thaumysta Magic is a manufacturer and seller of accouterments for bizarrists and kindred spirits.  In business for 25 years, the staff at Thaumysta magic scours the nooks and crannies of the world (and its basement warehouse) to bring affordable and interesting props and effects. Mary will have a vendor table at Bizarre Hauntings this weekend! …

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The Georgia Wonder Act: Resurrected with Tiffany Allen

Sunday at 3:00 PM In the 1880s three teenage women performed a near-mythical, world-wide act called The Georgia Wonder wherein they became more powerful than the men they challenged. The secrets of this performance were thought lost to history and it was not performed again in full… until now. Dubbed by Vanish Magazine “The New …

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Paul Prater’s Black Cat Lounge

For the first time ever (and anywhere) – Paul Prater’s Black Cat Lounge is coming to Baltimore and the Lord Baltimore Hotel! Hosted by Mystery Performer Paul Prater, the Black Cat Lounge is open until you’re too tired to not be there. It is Bizarre Hauntings own green room and speakeasy. When you go in …

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Rare Principles and Techniques in Mentalism by Alain Nu

Alain Nu, aka The Man Who Knows, rarely gives workshops, but when he does, he is on fire. Do a Wiki search on him to see his credentials. Or ask anyone who has practiced mentalism for more than 20 years what they think of him. Nu keeps a low profile, but he is always busy …

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Character Development with Vlad

Vlad is not just the creator of Gothic Magic, but also the creator of Vlad! In his new lecture, Vlad will discuss developing your character and improving your performance. He will explain the ins and outs of crafting the right persona for YOU!

Make Money in Bizarre Magic Workshop with Paul Prater

Whether you are a full time performer, or just a hobbyist who wants to perform more bizarre, Paul Prater will lay out the roadmap to help get you booked performing bizarre magic. Did you know that there are actually a lot of outlets for bizarre magic, year round and in venues that you would never …

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Style and Character

Doozy and Hexx were once circus clowns along side their twin sisters Polka (Doozy’s Twin) and Punka (Hexx’s Twin) but the daily abuse of the ringmaster and belittling of the guests created a great hatred of the world inside them. Soon they began to lash out at guests, verbally abusing them and becoming very hostile. …

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Christopher Taylor’s Storytelling Workshop

Christopher began his performing carrier as a professional storyteller and started to bring magic, and then mentalism, into his stories some three decades ago. Along the way, he has made lots of mistakes and had some notable successes. The latter have been due largely to a study and application of the fundamental principles of TRADITIONAL …

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